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Monday, 17 July 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Modern Renaissance' palette DUPE OR DUD?! | W7 Delicious Palette

Hi my Loves,

Let me tell you, I have a post and a half for you today and before we begin I want you to take a look at the picture below..

Do you notice anything similar??
It literally looks like I have two of the 'Modern Renaissance' palettes by Anastasia Beverly HillsRight?
The only differences to the naked eye is that one palette actually says 'Anastasia Beverly Hills', where as the other does not have this logo under the mirror and there are no shade names on one palette.

So if it doesn't have that logo or shade names, then what is it?

The palette on the left is actually by the brand W7 and it is their 'Delicious' palette.
Except lets be honest, it's a DEAD RINGER for the Modern Renaissance palette!!

Little background, The Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cult favourite in the beauty world and among beauty lovers due to its warm tones and buttery shadow quality and it was released last year during summer I believe.
 The Delicious palette was released just under a month ago so I think it's safe to presume that it doesn't look identical due to sheer accident.
The two palettes are literally doppelgangers bar one or two things - so I'm going to list the similarities and differences below:

  • The inside of the palette in terms of the mirror and black insert.
  • The shades.
  • The placement of the shades.
  • The dual ended brush.
  • Both are Cruelty Free.
  • The price. The Modern Renaissance palette retails for £41 where as the Delicious palette retails for £12.95.
  • The shadows in the Delicious palette are smaller in size to the Modern Renaissance palette meaning you get less product.
  • The front packaging. The Modern Renaissance palette has a Velvet case where as the Delicious palette has a cardboard case.
  • The formula
  • No shade names in the Delicious palette.
  • The ingredients list is totally different. Delicious contains talc which although used in many cheaper eyeshadows can be irritating to the eye.
  • The Modern Renaissance palette states it should be kept for only 6 months where as the Delicious palette has a life of 18 months.

Upon first glance the Delicious palette seems to be an identical dupe for the Modern Renaissance and to the eye it is; if I removed the logo & shade names even the most die hard beauty addict would struggle to tell you which is which. 
The colour scheme is the exact same - each shade corresponds with the shades in the MR palette. The brushes are also the same basically, both will do the same job.
For me this is where the similarities stop - yes the colours LOOK similar (identical actually) but the formula is COMPLETELY different and in my opinion is the reason why you would pay for the Modern Renaissance palette. Anastasia's shadow formula is like butter, the shadows blend like a dream, they are creamy but each shade is so pigmented and easy to work with.
W7's offering, although not a bad formula - simply doesn't compare to the quality of Anastasia Beverly hills formula. The shimmers are quite good and you can get quite a good pigment pay-off BUT the mattes let it down. Again, the are not the worst mattes I've ever tried but are not even comparable to the Modern Renaissance. The pay-off it notably less and the scratchier formula means you lose a lot of shadow in fall out and it is hard to get a true rich colour.
I have swatched each shade in the Delicious palette to it's match in the Modern Renaissance palette so you can see what I mean and get a feel for it.
The Modern Renaissance Palette swatches are on the left and the corresponding shade from the Delicious palette is to the right of each one.

(L-R Tempera + Dupe, Raw Sienna + Dupe, Golden Ochre + Dupe, Burnt Orange + Dupe)

(L-R Vermeer +  Dupe, Primavera + Dupe, Buon Fresco + Dupe, Red Ochre + Dupe)

(L-R Antique Bronze + Dupe, Venetian Red + Dupe, Love Letter + Dupe, Warm Taupe + Dupe)

(L-R Cyprus Umber + Dupe, Realgar + Dupe)

One thing I will say runs in favour of the Delicious palette is the cardboard exterior packaging - I actually prefer it so much more to the Modern Renaissance palette; the baby pink velvet looks lovely at the start but you cant keep it clean and it ends up looking very grubby very quick.

So is a Dupe or is it a Dud?

It is both a dupe and a dud! 
If you are solely interested in just having similar colours then they are 100% a dupe for one another - but if you take into consideration the formula and that matters to you then it would be a dud.
If you put the two in front of me and asked me to pick, I would personally rather pay the extra money and get the Modern Renaissance palette as the quality is definitely better and t is organic; but the Delicious palette is a decently okay colour dupe if you want to save some cash!

 I want to be very straight up and tell you guys that I really am not a fan of when brands steal other brands ideas. To me inspiration is fine, the same thing happens on the high street all the time in terms of clothes with the high street taking inspiration from designers - however blatant copying to me seems a little unethical and a little inventive to me. 
I know the point of these dupe palettes is to give cheaper options to people BUT still at the end of the day it is copying and taking another idea in it's purest form. This is just how I feel about this and I really don't support the idea of 100% copying catting.

I hope you guys found this helpful! Let me know your thoughts on the whole palette duping thing and if you agree or think it's down right copying!

With Love from,


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