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Thursday, 27 July 2017

How I get rid of Skin Texture | the Secret Ingredient

Hi my loves,

I have a quick one for you today as this is a question I get asked quite a bit and it is something I suffer from myself unfortunately. The question I get asked quite regularly is how does my skin look so even and what would I recommend to get your skin like that.

Basically what smooth even skin is down to is the texture of the skin - you can have no big scary breakouts or even whiteheads but those little bumps under the skin can literally ruin everything and make the skin look very uneven therefore making your skin not look it's best.
Texture is something I suffer on and off with all the time - I'm not sure what brings it on but I seem to get it quite badly on my forehead and have since I was 15 or 16. I've tried all the face washes to clear it, all the masks and nothing ever worked - until I stumbled across topical Glycolic acid.
Glycolic Acid is an exfoliator - it is an acid (100% safe acid) that helps to remove the build up of dead skin cells on the skins surface giving you fresh new skin. Often a build up of dead skin cells and blocked pores can lead to texture issues and Glycolic acid works a TREAT on this.
But I find in order to get the full results and really shift that texture you need to use a product that contains direct Glycolic rather than it mixed in with a face wash or mask.
For this reason, I like either the pads that come pre-soaked in Glycolic Acid or the direct solution that I can apply to a cotton bud and really rub all over my whole face and really break up that texture. I always use Glycolic at night and if you are using it you must commit to using sun-cream with a decent SPF as your skin will be sensitive.
Results will not happen after one use although you might see a slight reduction in texture - you need to maintain using the Glycolic for at least 5 nights straight (or until you see the required results). Then if you want to maintain your skins good texture you can cut back on every night but you would still need to be using either a higher percentage 3 times a week or a lower percentage every night.
The higher the Glycolic percentage the stronger it will be so keep that in mind if you do have sensitive skin.

These are my FAVOURITE products that contain Glycolic & I would be happy to use any of them as I see results from them all.

Pre-Soaked Glycolic Pads

Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta peel

€18 (for a pack of 5 sachets)
Glycolic Percentage unknown
 (but these are very strong& very effective so I would imagine it is quite high)

Glycolic Percentage is 5%
Tip - I like the double sided pads of these, one side is ridged which makes it even better for exfoliating)

€31 (for 60 pads)
Glycolic Percentage is 20% 
(out of the ones I've tried these are one of the strongest and work very quick, they are so strong you need to leave them on for a few minutes to soak in and then wash it off.)

Glycolic Solutions

Pixi Glow Tonic

€23 (250-ml)
Glycolic Percentage is 5%
This is good for every day use in my opinion and you can continue to use this daily even after you see results to maintain those results - I like to use this one in the morning and night.

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toning Solution

€9 (240-ml)
Glycolic Percentage 7%
This is another very good daily Glycolic solution and can be used day and night as it isn't overly strong but is very effective at keeping the skin smooth so can be used daily even after desired results. This one is also the best value if you want to give Glycolic products a shot.

I hope this helps you guys out if texture is an issue for you - this is the only thing I have ever found for me that actually helps with that pesky issue!

With Love from,


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