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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

My laser hair removal journey with Therapie Clinic

Hello my loves,

I hope you are all well!

So as many of you know I am currently receiving Laser hair removal from Therapie clinic and I have gotten a lot questions about the treatment ranging from the price, to the pain, and everything in-between! And all the questions I am getting are the exact same questions I had before I started the treatment myself.


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

*Q&A* Image 4-layer Face Lift peel with Therapie Clinic | Level 2 Peel details

Hi my Loves,

I have been so unwell the past few weeks hence my absence over here, I swear I feel I have had a very unfortunate 2016/17 - here's hoping to a healthier 2018.
 I am back today to give you all an update after my my latest face peel from Therapie Clinic - because if you thought my skin was good after my first peel - WAIT till you see what my skin is like now! My skin has never looked so good and has not been this consistently good for years.

I am going to link my previous post on my first Image 4 Layer Face-Lift peel here so you can get all the in-depth details of the whole process.
The amazing thing about face peels is that each time you get them you see improved results - your skin just gets better and better.

(2 days after my second peel with no makeup - I look tired because I was so sick :( )

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Rimmel Foundation Face off! | Which one is right for you?

Hi my Loves,

One of my most favourite things to buy when it comes to makeup is foundation. I love to create a perfect base because to me, that is your canvas for everything else.
Usually, I am a higher end foundation gal - it's the one makeup product that I do like to invest money in but I am always on the hunt for drugstore or chemist makeup that matches up to my higher price range foundation.
Rimmel has a very good offering when it comes to foundations - probably one of the best selections when it comes to drugstore brands. It can be a little overwhelming picking a foundation in Boots or Superdrug mainly because you can't pick up a sample 9/10 times so you have to go on guessing in store how it feels on the back of your hand or wrist and lets face it, that can often be very inaccurate.
Today I'm going to talk to you all about Rimmel foundations; let you know which ones I love, what skin type they are best suited to and what the finish is like so hopefully you can use this as a reference to make your foundation shopping that bit easier.


Thursday, 23 November 2017


Hi my Loves,

Black Friday is almost here! Although I feel it's nearly been going on the whole week! All shops are trying to out deal each other - which is great for us!
What I love about Black Friday is that mostly all the stock discount is new season; stock that would never usually make it into a sale - so you can really nab yourself an amazing bargain!


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Iconic Bronze tanning Lotion | Review

Hi my Loves,

I wanted to chat with you today and give you my thoughts about a tan I have been loving and using over the past few months. If you follow me on snapchat this won't be a surprise to you as I have mentioned it a few times there.
The tan I am talking about is Iconic Bronze and it has quickly made itself into my top 5 favourite tans so it definitely deserves a review.

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