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Monday, 6 November 2017

Facial time at Therapie Clinic | Image 4-Layer Face-lift Peel

Hi my Loves,

I hope you are all well!
Today I want to chat to you all and give you the low-down on the gorgeous facial I had done in Thérapie Clinic last Saturday because I literally had so many questions when I popped up a picture of my skin on my Instagram after the facial!

(This is a picture of my skin straight after the facial)

First off, I want to say how much I adore Therapie Clinics (they have many dotted around the country and you can find the clinic list on their website)  - my visit last Saturday was not my first one, I have been many times for various treatments and they are one of my most favorite clinics I have ever been to.
The Clinics themselves are gorgeous and staff are extremely friendly and most importantly extremely knowledgeable and I cannot stress how important that is when you have someone looking after your skin.

When I arrived in Therapie Clinic on Molesworth street I was taken in for a consultation where my therapist Sarah and I discussed my skin and what issues I felt I had.

My skin issues are:

1. Uneven Texture & congestion.
2. Under the skin bumps and the odd whitehead.
3. Dry flaky skin on my nose (possibly a damaged moisture barrier)
4. General dullness.

With my issues taken into account we decided that the Image 4 Layer Face-lift Peel would be best for my skin concerns.
The 4 Layer lift is a skin peel that promises to change the appearance of your skin in one treatment.
The peel uses Vitamin C, Glycolic acid and gentle yet extremely active enzymes speed up your skins cellular turnover.

The benefit of the peel are that it:
- is suitable for all skin types
- Evens skin tone
- Boosts skin's radiance
- has minimal downtime.

Sounds amazing right?

So we started by removing my makeup and we had another little assessment of my skin.
The first layer of the facial that was applied was a Vitamin C layer - I was warned that I might experience a very slight tingling, but as I am pretty used to peels I didn't notice any tingling at all really. Vitamin C is amazing for brightening the skin, reducing redness and strengthens collagen.
 The second layer that was applied was Glycolic & Salicylic acid infused masque (Glycolic is one of my favorites and I have done a whole post dedicated to Glycolic acid).
 The third layer was another Vitamin C layer and the fourth layer was a hydrating Enzyme masque layer that would help to give your skin that fresh and radiant look.
The last layer was massaged into my skin and it was so relaxing - is there anything better than a face massage!

Finally, we finished with a serum and the one best suited for my skin concerns was the Image Ormedic balancing antioxidant serum - and this helps to balance and hydrate the skin.

Afterwards my skin looked absolutely brand new - it had not felt so fresh, radiant and clean in a long, long time; and that is coming from someone who takes good care of their skin!
The peel had helped to remove that top layer of skin that was giving my skin that dull lack-luster appearance and revealed a fresh layer - the difference was unbelievable.
In total the peel and consultation took roughly 45-50 minutes and I was told to avoid wearing makeup for the rest of the day and to also avoid strenuous exercise or steam rooms - all of these things would cause blocked pores which we certainly do not want! You can experience and little bit of redness and blotchiness straight after the facial but that dies down in about 15-20 minutes. You are also told you could experience some minor peeling but I did not have any peeling at all
You are given a little at home after care kit to enhance the effects of your peel and this is tailored to your skin.

One week on from the peel and my skin looks SO much healthier and fresher and the texture on the lower half of my face is relatively gone. I do still have some minor remaining texture on my forehead but I am hoping that will clear up soon with the after care kit. The dryness on my nose has also nearly fully healed - one side is remaining slightly dry but it is better than it has been in months.

Would I recommend this facial to you guys?
If you share any of the same skin concerns as me I think you will really love the results of the Image 4-Layer Face-lift peel.

If you are interested in this facial I am going to leave Thérapie's contact number below so you can give them a call and book in yourself.

Contact - 1890 650 750

If you do get this facial done let me know how you get on and please share your results with me - I would love to see them!!

With Love from,

Rebekah x


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