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Friday, 9 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide - Gifts UNDER €20 | Stocking Fillers & Kris Kindle

Hi my Loves,

I have to say, I'm impressing myself by having gotten a post up everyday so far - it's like my form of 'Vlogmas' ; does anyone else love watching people's Vlogmas' over on YouTube? I'm a YouTube junkie.
Today's Gift Guide is a collection of gift ideas under €20. I am all about finding gifts that are just a little bit different -something you can't pick up so easily yourself I suppose! I have no problem with mainstream gifts but I just love the excitement of finding and giving someone something that bit 'extra'. You guys have no idea, I am an actual elf come Christmas time - I love you give presents rather the get them; I am the WORST present receiver ever.
So let's kick off my under €20 gifts:

Tony Moly beauty products
Price - £6 - £16

Tony Moly is South Korea's (and probably the world's!) cutest ever export! If you thought Benefit packaging was cute, let me tell you, you are going to die over Tony Moly!
I am a HUGE Asian beauty lover - have you seen their beautiful skin? I will take WHATEVER they are using, in bulk. Tony Moly products compare to a medium drugstore/chemist price wise, but their ingredients and concepts are rivaling high end. For the packaging alone their products make the best stocking fillers ever. Here are my favourite under €20 products (prepare to die from package cuteness overload!)

Sheet Mask Selection - £6

Panda's Dream So cool eye stick -£10
Bbo Bbo Lip Balm - £7
Choco Mushroom Cream pore pack - £16

Starskin Masks
Price - €11.50 -

I have more bargain but bomb skincare  here with the brand StarSkin! These Bio-cellulouse masks cover every skin need and are essential for all year round but especially Christmas time when you want that skin to be amazing! They also do feet & hand masks and lip masks to give you a plumper more hydrated pout!

Hydrating face mask - €9.80

Magic Hour exfoliating double layer feet mask socks - €9.80 

Glowstar peeling perfection puff - €8

VIP the Gold Revitalizing  second skin face mask - €14.40
Silkmud Pink French Clay purifying lift-away mask - €9.80
Eye- catcher eye masks - €9.80

Huda Beauty Lashes
Price - £15.50

If you are an Instgram addict I am sure you've stumbled across Huda Beauty at least once or twice. Huda is STUNNING and she is an amazing makeup artist and business woman. She has a whole range of cosmetic products ranging from lip products, to lashes to nails - she's just fantastic. Her lashes are definitely one of her stand out products - they are all so stunning and look beautiful on any eyes that wear them, They are also 100% reusable and can be worn up to 12 times, some of the more expensive ones you get 20-25 wears out of.

Lana lashes #10 - £15.50

Samantha lashes #7 - £15.50

Sasha Lashes #11 - £15.50
Wet Brush
Price - €11.95

This will be whoever gets it, new BFF - this is the brush you need to keep your hair in tip-top condition. The great thing about this brush is that it is designed to be used on wet hair where as most brushes will actually cause damage if used on wet hair - this brush does the opposite!

Wet Brush

ASOS Beanie hats with baubles & Funky Slippers
Price - €12 - €20

A gorgeous hat is always a good gift - especially a beautiful ASOS one! They have a great selection with most falling under the €20 mark! Also, who can say no to a cute and adorable pair of slippers - ASOS have loads.

Penguin Slippers - €12

ASOS Dragon slippers - €12.67

ASOS Dinosaur slippers - €12

Beanie with double faux fur pom poms - €20

Chunky knit beanie - €16

Extra Chunky beanie with large pom - €16

Coconut Lane MacBook Skins & Selfie Phone-case
Price - £16.50 -£20 (use discount code RBL20 for 20% off - that makes them under 20)

Coconut lane do a fantastic selection of items that are perfect for gifting to people (or yourself, no judgement!). They do everything from marble cushion covers, to phone cases and the most amazing MacBook skins you've ever seen in your entire life! I literally want a MacBook just so I can buy these skins!!

Rose Gold selfie Phone case - £20 (I have this exact one myself & it's fab)
Rose Gold marble MacBook skin - £16.50
Opal Dream MacBook skin - £16.50
Liquid Copper MacBook skin - £16.50

The Dotty Lemon Notebooks & Pens
Price - €8 - €20

The Dotty Lemon is another place that is gift central, honestly they have so much you need to check their site out! If I wasn't keeping this to under €20 I'd be telling you to look at their planners and journals - they are my idea of heaven! Everyone needs a beautiful notebook by their bed, I know I always keep one by my bed to jot down things that come into my head in the night and you definitely need them if you are in college - and beautiful pens doesn't hurt either! sweet talk pen set - €14.95 lady of leisure & jade marble Notebook set - €17.95 Mega Bloom Notebook - €13.95

Hope + Dreams - €17.95
Glitz n' Pieces Alphabet Goodies

Another little haven full of gift ideas, they have bags, jewellery & adorable home-ware. I think Alphabet Monogram item are perfect for presents because they have a touch of personal to them and Glitz n' Pieces have a great selection:

Alphabet teacup & saucer set - €19.90

Missguided Phone Cases
Price - €12

Missguided are brilliant for everything we all know this, and gifts are no different. I am going to do a full Missguided gift guide over the weekend because their gift selection is that good. Here though I'm talking about phone cases which are always a great gift, especially cool funky ones. They have loads so I will link the page here but I'll show you my favourites too:

Rose Gold Glitter Flake iphone 7 case - €12

Chrissy Teigen Cravings Cook book
Price - £15.39 (direct link to seller HERE)

I am a huge Chrissy Teigan fan - I think she is so fab in every aspect. And I LOVE that she loves her food - her and John Legend always remind me of myself and my boyfriend in terms of being food addicts! I think she is a great role model for young girls because she doesn't support faddy eating.
Her cook book is a collection of the most fantastic recipes - all the most delicious, indulgent food - check out the baby dutch pancakes, you can thank me later! Perfect for the person who appreciates and loves food!

Calm Colouring Book
Price -

  So I've not gotten into this whole Calm colouring concept, I'm too competitive with myself and would just rush to finish it as quick as possible because that's my personality!! But, I have heard of so many people that it has really helped them and they've found it very therapeutic and the really enjoy it! So I've scoured the internet to find the best ones for under €20:

Color Me Calm -  £10.99
The Calm Coloring book - £7.98
The Passive agressive colouring book - 

With Love from,

Rebekah x

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide - The Beauty Junkie

Hi my Loves,

So we all know that person who is obsessed with their hair and/or skin right? This person may not necessarily love makeup, but they definitely like to take care of themselves and would rather spend their money on good skincare products or something to keep their hair looking A1.
This is the type of person that this guide will cater to. 
There is a few products over the €100 mark here, but lets be honest sometimes as you get older you just want one big present as opposed to 5 little presents!
Lets jump right in!

InStyler Straight up Straightening Brush
Price - €69.99

So I'm sure you've all heard by now about the normal InStyler - it's my holy grail hair tool and when I go away I bring just that tool and I can create tonnes of looks and that is why I adore it (the InStyler Max also makes a great present BTW). Now let me introduce you to InStyler's latest release, the Straight up brush. I'm sure you've seen JML flogging their version of this on the TV but InStyler's one is a million times better. It gives you straight hair, that still has volume and shape, It leaves your hair frizz-less and you never get that poker straight fried 00's hair look. It mimics a salon finish basic blow-dry that can actually be impossible to do at home but this device literally makes it SO easy and SO quick. A Great Christmas present idea. 

Straight up brush
T3 Haircare Whirl Trio
Price - €259

Yes, this is an expensive product, but worth every penny I promise!
This interchangeable curler comes with 3 barrels that will literally create any type of curl that you can imagine. It has 5 heat settings and will create everything from beachy waves, to full bodied waves, spiral curls and any other curl you can think of. It has tourmaline and & ceramic technology that helps to protect the hair and keep it looking shiny whilst holding your curls all day.
If this is too expensive T3 also do single barrel curler which are lower on the price range scale.

T3 Haircare Whirl Trio - €259

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer
Price - €399

I know I'm whipping out the big guns with these ideas but I had to include this hairdryer.  This hairdryer reduces damage to the hair by keeping its temperature monitored & under control, drys your hair extremely fast as it is 8 times more powerful than any other hairdryer on the market, is light so it's very easy to maneuver and hold and the technology used in the hairdryer provides you with sleek, soft, frizz-less hair. If you are unconvinced you can test this hairdryer yourself, I have seen stands in Liffey Valley shopping centre where you can test it out. All the reviews on this from customers who have bought it are very promise however.

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer - €399

Pro Blow - CurlMe
Price - €40.95

I think most girls love and long to be able to create that bouncy curly blow-dry that you get in a salon. You know, the no frizz, voluminous, bouncy curls/waves? 
Of course you do.
Pro Blow have made this really very simply with their CurlMe invention. Basically what the CurlMe does, is it is a brush end, with detachable brush heads. So you will dry you hair with the hair dryer and this brush, roll the brush to the root, release the brush hair and clip the head in place. This will work like heated rollers and give you the most beautiful salon worthy look.
The CurlMe pack comes with a mix of small, medium and large brush heads so create different looks and you can buy extra brush heads if you so desire or need more!

ProBlow CurlMe - €40.95

Foreo Luna Anti-Aging Skincare Device
Price - €180

I mentioned this product last year in my beauty addict gift guide before it had become such a house hold name and now that Foreo will soon be collaborating with Benefit, I think they are about to get even bigger so I want to give them another mention. This is another expensive product but Foreo do stock cheaper verisons both on their website, and if you want something a little less (the Foreo Luna mini, is a smaller alternative.) Basically this device works as a facial brush to deep cleanse your skin and help your products to absorb better, the pulse of the device also help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The best thing about the Foreo products is that you don't need to replace the heads which can get expensive! They are great devices with fantastic reviews.

Foreo Luna - €180

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Skin Trilogy
Price - €250

Again, I have picked the set because sets make great presents but you can buy each thing in the set individually and the Magic Cream alone is an amazing present at €90 a jar.
In the set you get Charlotte's Magic Cream, the Magic Night Cream and the Magic Eye Rescue.
The three products boast a secret mix of anti-aging ingredients including Winter Daphne Stem Cell Elixir, Time Released Retinol and de-aging BioNymph Peptides. All these products help to give you 'baby soft skin' - which I don't think anyone in this world would say no to!

Magic Skin Trilogy - €250

Peter Thomas Roth Mask-a-holic 5 piece collection
Price - €56.50

Peter Thomas Roth makes one of the best skincare brands around. FACT. His products are luxurious and this means that they tend to not be extremely cheap. This 5 piece mask set is honestly amazing value and a great idea. You can try them all out to see which one suits you best, and you can multi masks. PLUS there is a 24K gold mask in this set, which everyone in this world needs.
Each mask includes amazing ingredients that are all proven to work - and each mask caters for different skin needs. This is a total winner of a present.

Mask-a-holic 5 piece collection - €56.50

Ouai Haircare
Price - €27 - €49

Ouai means 'Yes' in french - like Yes, I want amazing hair, thank you so much.
Ouai is a haircare brand that created by Jen Atkin; hairstylist to the stars e.g. the Kardashians, and one thing you can never not say about them is that they do not all have AMAZING hair.
Her products are intended to nourish the hair to give you the best hair of your life - what a fantastic present to get someone for Christmas!
I can't find any Ouai Gift sets unfortunately just one for curly hair, but I'm going to list the stand out products and you cab pick and mix your favourites:

Ouai texturising hairspray - €26.80 

Ouai treatment masks - €30.80
Ouai Wave spray - €26.80

Ouai Hair oil - €29.20
Ouai Curl Kit (for curly hair) - €48.70
With Love from,

Rebakah x

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