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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour Review & Swatches | The Nudes & Light Pinks

Hi my Loves,

Today I have a review & swatches of the newest matte liquid lipsticks to hit the drugstore (or chemist - who do I think I am!) and they are Rimmel's Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour.

There are 15 shades in total in this collection ranging from nudes, to pinks, to reds and there is even a black and a grey, I KNOW!
These are retailing for roughly €7.99 (depends where you buy them) and are available from Boots, Superdrug & if you're in the US Ulta
As a self proclaimed nude lover I picked up all the nudes shades obviously but I was also drawn to the light pink end of the spectrum so I did grab those too.

 (Shades L-R  - 100 Pink Bliss, 110 Blush, 200 Pink Blink, 700 Be my Baby, 710 Latte to go, 720 Moca)

(700 Be my Baby, 710 Latte to go, 720 Moca)

(100 Pink Bliss, 110 Blush, 200 Pink Blink)

I am going to go right ahead and say it, Rimmel's Liquid lip offering is probably now my most favorite Liquid lip product you can buy in a chemist and it has definitely gone into my top 5 ALL TIME FAVE Liquid lipsticks and let me tell you, that takes A LOT to do!


The formula is just amazing and I've honestly never tried anything like it. If you follow me on snapchat (@rebekahwithlove) you will have heard me try to describe it and I think I got it down pretty good:
Basically these apply exactly like NYX's Soft Matte Lip cream - so that very moussy non-drying type formula - the one that is ideal because it won't dry your lips out & cling to patches. However usually the thing about Moussy, non-drying formulas is that they do just that, they don't dry down matte and they transfer everywhere but that's the price you pay for your lips not drying off your face.
This is not the case with the Rimmel Liquid lipsticks - they apply like a mousse and lock in the moisture on your lips keeping them hydrated BUT they dry down 100% matte and 100% transfer-proof, it is the hybrid that dreams are made of. It is literally the best of both worlds and I've never experienced a formula like this.
Wear time of the formula is also amazing, I wore the shade Pink Blink on my lips for 6 hours of eating, drinking, talking & biting my lips and I did not have to reapply at all - the colour looked as good as when it was first applied.
In relation to the smell, these smell exactly the same as all of Rimmel's lip products and it's a smell I love - if you are familiar with the brand you know exactly the smell I am talking about.


As I said above the selection I picked were all the Nudes and Light Pinks - mainly because they are my favourite colours but also because I think they will be the most popular in the collection.
In the tubes the light pinks do look quite similar - but they all have slightly different undertone.
'Blush' is the lightest of the pinks and 'Pink Bliss' would be the deepest in my opinion - my favourite of the light pinks would be 'Pink Blink' but I have to say I love all 3 - the formula is opaque and can be easily layered and built up but the colour you see in my swatches below are with one swipe of colour

In terms of the nudes the opacity was the same as with the light pinks except in the shade 'Latte to go'. This one was a little streakier but light nudes like this nearly always tend to be - in terms of the colour it is actually a surprisingly wearable pale nude and came also be used to lighten the other nude shades. 'Be my baby' was my favourite nude and is my perfect shade of nude.

 (Without Flash L-R  - 100 Pink Bliss, 110 Blush, 200 Pink Blink, 700 Be my Baby, 710 Latte to go, 720 Moca)

 (With Flash L-R  - 100 Pink Bliss, 110 Blush, 200 Pink Blink, 700 Be my Baby, 710 Latte to go, 720 Moca)

I am hoping to pick up some more of the colours soon, there is a red, a rose and a coral colour that are calling my name and considering how much I love this formula I need to get every colour!

I hope you guys found this review helpful - I cannot recommend these to you enough; a solid 10/10 from me!

With Love from,


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