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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Lily and Rose Jewellery ♡

Hello my loves,

Today's post is all about my new favourite jewellery brand Lily and Rose.
Lily and Rose is a Swedish brand that has been created by Therese Zetterberg. She favours the use of Oktant and/or Swarovski just to give you an idea of how stunningly sparkly and luxurious her pieces are!!
I am a self confessed jewellery addict; I am a magpie - honestly, the more sparkly, glistening and the more eye catching a piece of jewellery is, the more I have to have it!

In my opinion, jewellery is just a instant game changer when it comes to outfits; a beautiful pair of earrings can take your outfit from a 5 to a 10. This is my favourite trick - I also match my eye makeup to my earrings if I'm stuck for something to do!

I have had my eyes of Lily and Rose's Instagram page for the past few months and I was lucky enough that they gifted me with a few pieces and I loved them all so much I just HAD to share them with you - I feel like all girls should know about this brand.
If you have special event coming, maybe a debs or prom, anything at all, you will definitely adore this brand. All her pieces scream elegance and have a exquisitely beautiful, romantic look about them.

Here is what I picked:

These are the 'Kate' earrings in 'Indian Pink' and you can get them here .

These are the 'Miss Kate' earrings in 'Vintage Rose' and you can purchase these here.

The 'Sofia' Bracelet in 'Indian Pink' which you can get here

Here is a little fact about the brand that literally made me fall even more in love with the jewellery line.
Why is the brand named Lily and Rose?

Do I have any Sex and the City fans here?
Sex and the City was (and still is) one of my favourite TV shows ever.
Do you remember Charlotte Goldenblatt (played by Kristin Davis)?
She had two little girls called Lily and Rose! 

This was Therese's inspiration for her brand's name, she names Sex and the City as on of her biggest sources of inspiration when she was 16 years old.
I just love little background facts like this - I think knowing the ethos & inspiration of a company really helps you to relate to them - and I really related to this company!

I hope I've helped introduce you all to something new -  I am always on the hunt for new places to shop & pick up beautiful items and I love to share when I have found something amazing!

With Love from,

Rebekah x

* This blog post was NOT sponsored - all opinions are always my own.

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Too Faced 'Sweet Peach' eyeshadow palette (swatches included)♡

Hello my loves,

So if you follow me over on Instagram you would of seen that I got my Sweet Peach palette by Too Faced in the post yesterday, finallllllllly!
 Straight out I'm already totally obsessed - I didn't think it was possible to form such a strong love so quickly, but I have!!

For those not familiar with the Too faced 'Sweet Peach' palette here is what it looks like:

Beautiful right???

Also, if you are not familiar with Too faced brand itself, they are famed for bringing out palettes that smell like their moniker, (and taste, but we won't get into that haha!) so the peach palette literally smells like peaches - they also have chocolate bar palettes!

I know that this will be my go to summer palette for three main reasons; 
Firstly (maybe this isn't so important but..) because of the smell - peaches always remind me of spring and summer, fresh and sweet.
Secondly, the colour selection is just perfect for summer and spring - you have your peach shades in it, but also some beautiful warm bronze & taupe shades AND some gorgeous accent shades like purple and khaki.
Thirdly, this palette will be amazing for summer holidays - it's literally the only eyeshadow related item you would need to bring on holiday. It has a metal resistant case to keep the shadows safe and because of the variety of colours you can create tonnes of different eye looks.

(L-R: White peach, Nectar, Peaches'n' Cream, Georgia, Cobbler, Luscious)

(L-R: Caramelized, Candied Peach, Just Peachy, Puree, Bellini, Bless her heart)

(L-R: Summer Yum, Peach Pit, Tempting, Talk Derby to me, Delectable, Charmed I'm sure)

My favourite shades are Candied Peach and Just Peachy. I don't own any similar shades to these. 
I love that in this palette they included transitional/crease shades. This means that you really do only need this one palette to create tonnes of different looks. Some palettes (e.g. Urban Decay Vice collection palettes) sometimes don't include transition shades which mean you always need extra shadows with you, the palette itself is not enough.

This palette will be gorgeous on all eye colours, but if you have blue to green eyes, the colours in the palette will make your eyes pop!

This palette retails for €47/$49/£39 and is available from Debenhams in the UK and Ireland,Too Faced official website and ULTA, although it is out of stock on their own website and ULTA at the moment.
HOWEVER, Too faced's co-founder Jerrod Blandino has said that they will be doing everything they can to bring this palette back so keep your eyes pealed!!

I would highly recommend this palette, Too faced shadows are amazing quality; they are extremely creamy, pigmented yet blend-able. In my opinion this palette is worth every cent.
Trust me, your makeup collection needs it!!

With love from,

Rebekah x♡


Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My favourite Mac brushes ♡

Hello my loves,

I want to do a talk through on my favourite Mac Brushes today. You all loved when I did a list of the Mac products that I think are worth spending those hard earned dollar bills on, so this is a similar concept! I'm a big believer on the fact that your tools really have an affect on the look and application of your makeup.

I believe that you are better to invest in a few amazing brushes than piles of mediocre ones that aren't doing you justice. The thing about Mac brushes is that they are expensive in comparison to other brands yes, and I agree you don't need every Mac brush, BUT there are some that are worth every penny. Here are my favourites, that I would recommend:

Mac #217
(eyeshadow blending brush)

This specific brush has cult status it's that good and that popular.
This is a blending brush for ensuring that your eyeshadow is seamlessly blended with no harsh lines.
It makes blending super easy even for beginners. It's not as soft as other blending brushes due to it's densely packed fibre and this is the reason I feel that it's so good - it allows there to still be control over your blending. Very soft brushes blending brushes can be messy and unprecise.
 Buy here or here

Mac #263
(small angled brush)

The one of the best brushes for both eyeliner AND brows - so it's a great multi-tasker brush.
I personally use this as my eyeliner brush, I find it helps me get the sharpest, most precise wing. It also helps me to keep my wing from getting big and out of control (we've ALL been there!)
Buy here or here

Mac #130
(short duo fibre brush)

This is brush that will give you a fantastic airbrush finish. Duo fibre brushes are amazing in general for giving a Photoshop finish and this one particularly because it's small enough to work around all your little areas on your face (edge of nose, under the eyes). The small size allows you more controlled blending & allows you to hang on to your coverage rather than blending it all away.
I also find this brush great for blending out my cheek contour as it is small enough to keep the product excatly where I placed it (which is what you always want when blending contour!).
Buy here or here

Mac #170
(rounded slant brush)

The perfect contour brush for your entire face - especially if you use thick cream/concealer like products for your contour (like Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit etc.)
It buffs the product into your skin without moving it around too drastically. The angle shape of this brush works well with the angles of your own face so this makes it so simple to use, you will literally pop it under your cheek or jawbone and watch it just hug and sweep the curves of your face.
Buy here or here

I hope this was helpful - I know Mac has so many brushes and going in looking for them is honestly the most confusing thing in the world no matter what your makeup level!
As always, any request that you have for posts, leave them in the comments :)

With love from,

Rebekah x♡

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