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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas ♡ ( part 1 - 'The beauty-addict girl')

Hello my loves,
I hope that you are all extremely well & are looking forward to the up and coming Christmas festivities!!
Like I've mentioned before I work in retail - so it's really hard to get excited for Christmas because for us retail workers Christmas means one thing and that's longer, busier days. I've also been looking at Christmas decoration since the day after Halloween so talk about it being pushed on me BUT none-the-less I am still looking forward to Christmas!
 I think it's so funny that for me now at this age of my life, I actually would give up all my presents just to have the few days of Christmas off - for me getting to spend 3 or 4 days off enjoying Christmas spirit and spending time with my boyfriend and my family would out do any present I could ever be bought!
Before I launch right into my list of present ideas for that Beauty loving woman in your life; be it a girlfriend, a best friend, your mam, whoever -
 I want to take a moment to ask everyone that while you are out doing your Christmas shopping on the late opening nights, St. Stephen's day/boxing day etc. - PLEASE do be patient and well mannered to the retail staff who are working these hours to cater for everyone trying to buy presents, it is very hard for us to be surrounded by Christmas but not really get to celebrate it, plus we are only human - we know that it can be stressful picking presents and all that but we can only do our best!
Little rant overrrrr.. let's get into my list..:)
Mink Lashes
I'm a huge mink lash fan and any beauty addict would only love to add a few pairs of these to her collection. My favourite brands are Lilly Lashes & Velour lashes - I've order from both sites and both are 100% perfect. My favourite Lilly Lashes are the 'Miami' style & from Velour Lashes my favourites are 'Sho fluffy' & 'WINGing',
Velour lashes have been worn by likes of Beyoncé & Jessica Alba and Lilly lashes are adored by the Kardashians & Jenners as well as Pia Mia. If they're good enough for them....:)

 (Top - 'Sho fluffy', Bottom 'WINGing')
(- $35)

( Lilly lashes in 'Miami')
 (- $30)
 Eyeshadow palettes
You've a few options here that I think anyone would simply adore to have in there collection:
1. Too faced Chocolate bar palette

FYI - this literally smells like chocolate - if your girl is a chocolate addict, get her this - you get to be uber thoughtful AND get be a winner in the present books. (- €47)
2. Morphe 35N/35T palette
(Top - 35T, Bottom - 35N, both are amazing - don't fret if you don't know which is better, they are both equally as good as each other also €24 for 35 amazing eyeshadows - these are palettes that look 100 times more expensive than you would ever think)
This is cult - it's only available online so it makes for a seemingly 'special/exclusive' pressie. It is also special edition & a collectors edition type product for beauty lovers! (- €38.50)

 Skincare Surprises

Foreo Luna

This Swedish product is hailed as a more pocket friendly Clarisonic because you don't have to repurchase the heads, there for more economical you know. It has very good reviews and would be a really good present because it isn't the type of item that you would think to splash on yourself - but it would be such a lovely luxury treat! (- €140)

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Hailed as being supermodel skin in a jar, this is a moisturiser you will want in your life! At €90 a jar, it's a little expensive to splash on yourself, so what better than to get it as a present.
Such a luxury little set by an amazing skincare brand - this is perfect for anyone mid 20's and up - read the reviews yourself, the laser free collection is fantastic. (- €66)
Another great set by Peter Thomas Roth is his Hall of Fame gift set - it a selection of smaller version of some of the best selling products - that way the person receiving the gift gets to test and see what they like! (- €33)
Hair tools
8 different ways to curl your hair - you are guaranteed to find at least 4 that you love. It's a great present that is of great quality and gives people so many options out of one present
(- $300 HOWEVER on their site they are selling for $119 NOW. Also if you google NUME discount codes you can always find really good discounts)
The ultimate Victoria's Secret hair in a flash - these use top notch technology so that they heat quickly to match what you need and they heat from the core which means your curls get the heat not your hands. (- €160)
This is loved by celebrities everywhere - it gives you a blow dry that looks like it came from a salon. Lots of people found the previous version of the Instyler hard to use because it only rotated one way, but with the MAX they have corrected this and it now rotates both ways, so thank you Instyler!!
(- €99)
Beautiful Brushes
These are my ride or die brushes. They are literally PERFECT in terms of quality and texture AND because they look so beautiful they make amazing Christmas pressies.
Stocking fillers/Secret Santa's/other little treats
If she loves to glow, she will love this, shade moonstone - people have fought to get this stunning highlight and Cult beauty have it in stock now.. run! (- £30)
3 new limited edition metallic liquid lipstick - Teddy, Scarlet lace & corset. These are stunning colours and perfect for anyone who loves lipsticks. (- $58)
Three of Charlotte's favourite mini K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks - the colours are Penelope pink, Bitch perfect and So Marilyn red! (- £29)

Cute & they taste like amazing drinks - what else can you want to make your lips soft & juicy. (- £9)

My favourite glitters, you can use them for eye look, lip looks, nail looks they are for everything! (Prices range between €6.50 for a single mini jar and as high €69 for 7 large bottles)
GORGEOUS nail polishes in on trend shades. (- €18)
(So pretty & perfect for holding your toiletries this one is €40 & they have other styles available on ASOS too!)
Nars blushes are some of the best, no competition.
This is a limited edition set & ASOS are offering 55% off at the moment making this an absolute STEAL at €66!
This set is soooo cute, the little EOS tubes have little designs on them for this set making them something you can't buy separately. Also to add, these are some of the best lip balms I've ever tried. I always have one in my handbag. (- £18)
So that about wraps up my gift guide for those beauty addicted women in your life!
If you have any questions on any of the above products please leave me a comment and I will get back to you ASAP to help you!
I will have another part to my guide coming in the next few days so keep them eyes peeled!<3
Happy shopping and as always,
With Love from,
Rebekah x ♡

Friday, 20 November 2015

My hair care heroes ♡

Hello my loves,

Let's talk hair today. 
If I'm honest, I'm hit & miss with my hair care routine - sometimes I'm really good with my leave in conditioners & heat defense sprays and then other times, let's face it I'm just that bit too lazy or tired. 
When I do slack with a good hair care routine I can really feel it in my hair by the texture and just the regular look of it. I feel my split ends are more visible & my hair tangles easier. 
My hair has had a rough life (queue the melodrama) - I've cut it every way you can imagine and I've also fell victim to bad extensions that basically left me with bald patches - my hair has also been double bleached in one sitting, not to mention that I've been dyed most colours now. I've put my hair through the wars I'm not kidding.
Finnnaallyyy though I have gotten my hair to it's total natural colour & it's starting to grow longer which I love. So now I'm all about keeping it long, healthy and shiny but still voluminous - I don't ask for much.
These are the products I now use very frequently to keep my hair in the best condition it can possibly be.

The Shampoo:

Boots €9.99

Are you looking for a salon worthy collection of products with drugstore price tags? 
Then make Mark Hill your go to. I adore his hair care products. First off: the smell of them all is literally divine - but the quality is amazing. I'm a hair care whore (sorry, but it's true) I flit back and forth between shampoos and conditioners never being able to tell the difference usually, with the exception of his shampoo. I always return to Mark Hill products because they do what they say on the tin. This is the newest one of his shampoos that I'm loving and I love it because I really can both see & feel the volume.

The Conditioner:

Boots: €9.99

Same situation as above. The smell, the quality, the doing what it says on the tin. The MiracOILous condition has been my go-to for the past 6-8 months and I can honestly say that can attribute my soft, nourished hair to this conditioner. I love it so much I've traveled an hour to a specific chemist to get it! I won't use anything else. I ran out a while back and had to use another to tie me over & I could notice the different straight away - my split ends were visible and my hair just felt dry and crispy. A few days later I returned to using this conditioner and the dryness disappeared - I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this conditioner. 

The hair mask:

HASK Argan oil Deep Conditioning hair treatment
Penneys/Primark/Ulta: Around €2.

So I've blogged about this before and you can check that out here. But this is my favourite hair mask OF ALL TIME, ever ever. When my hair was bleached I need something strong to bring it to good quality and this was when I stumbled upon this brand one day in Penneys. This made my bleached hair look like real hair once again. I can't describe what it does it's that good, it's the kind of see it to believe it product but I urge you to purchase this and I promise you won't regret it. This is a hair savior. It takes dry hair and makes it silky again.

The oil:

Boots: €12.99

Every single time I wash my hair this is the one product that I will add 2 pumps of always to my towel dried hair. This oil is my favourite of the ones that I have tried by far. Others leave like an oil residue on my hair, weighing it down because my hair strands are fine but this one doesn't do that. It literally just nourishes your hair. Added bonus is that the bottle lasts you FOREVER. I've been using this for 2 years and I have only used 3 bottles so there is the proof!

The mousse:

Boots: €7.99

My favourite mousse to add both volume and hold when I curl my hair. I don't use this everyday but if I want my style to hold or if it's the weekend and I want nice hair I will always apply this to towel dry hair and blast my hair with the hair dryer upside-down. It doesn't leave your hair crunchy and you don't feel like you've loads of product in your hair making it greasy which I also love.

The something a little bit extra:

Boots: €9.99

I know that I keep referring to the smell of things but MY GOD - this smells divine. It basically smells like you're drinking a Pina Colada, on the beach in the Bahamas. I'm not totally sure what to describe this product as completely to be honest, basically the claims are:

  • Conditions
  • Improves shine
  • Strengthens
  • Helps repair damaged hair
  • Nourishes
  • Softens and smooths hair

It also claims to hold styles for longer. 
I can vouch; after using this for a month, that it does all of the above. It makes my hair look and feel in really good condition and whatever I choose to do with my hair - it holds it. I sometimes will use this, dry off my hair and pop it into a plait and in the morning my hair has proper defined waves that hold well. (this NEVER happens for my hair, I usually just get kinks from plaits!) I use this every time I wash my hair now, I am totally obsessed.

So these are my hair care heroes girls - I have been using these for months now so these are things that I know most definitely work and are very good products!
 I'm a beauty junkie so I try many things, but these are the heroes for me!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I have another one coming over the weekend and it has a little something to do with Christmas......;)<3 So keep an eye out!

With Love From,

Rebekah x ♡

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