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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Massaging your FACE at home for youthful looking skin!! | Nurse Jamie 'UPLIFT' Beauty Roller

Hi my Loves,

I'm being really productive with the posts at the mo - I'm literally confined to the bed with tonsillitis but I don't do confinement well and I'm starting to go mad being stuck in the house!

Today I want to chat about the importance of facial massaging and my favourite product to do from the comfort of my own home.

Many people over look facial massaging or quite simply don't understand the great benefits it can bring. It is extremely popular in Asia and in the last few years has garnered more following in both the US & Europe due to amazing benefits. It is sometimes referred to as Face yoga. Just as you work out your body to keep it toned and looking its best, the face needs that too to remain in the best condition. 

So lets discus the benefits of facial massaging:
  • Increases the circulation - massaging helps to increase the blood and oxygen flow aiding circulation which allows the skin to both heal and repair itself - which in turn helps your skin to look healthy.
  • Helps to keep skin looking youthful - muscle stimulation through massage helps to tone the skin and create a tighter and more refined appearance.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles by relieving tension - massage is a great way to relieve tension and we hold a lot of tension in our faces unfortunately especially in the forehead and between the brows which in turn can create those unwanted wrinkles. Facial massage helps to relieve that tension and therefore reduce wrinkles.
  • Drains puffiness - If you suffer from puffy skin a facial massage while helps to flush out congestion that causes a puffy face. 
  •  Can help with both headaches and allergies if the correct technique is used.
If you are interest in doing the hands on approach to face massage, there are amazing videos on YouTube if you search face yoga. I have tried this method myself and you honestly see results because you would be surprised how little we work out our faces everyday and a small 2-5 minutes facial manage every night can make all the difference.

My newest favourite way to massage my face however is using the 'Uplift' by Nurse Jamie.
Nurse Jamie is the brand but it was actually founded by a nurse & skincare expert called Jamie Sherill - hence the name Nurse Jamie! She has over 20 years of experience and an extensive celebrity clientele. 
I'll be honest when I saw this product advertised I thought it was a little gimmicky. It had such a huge celebrity following with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Hilary Duff, Jessica Alba & Emily Ratajkowski to name but a few claiming to be huge fans - there are even videos on Nurse Jamie's Instagram page showing these celebrities using it. One of my favourite beauty guru's Tati Westbrook also loves it.
so naturally I was super intrigued. Add this to the fact that it is constantly selling out made me want it even more. So my mother and I purchased one recently from Cult Beauty after waiting for it to come back into stock for ages. It costs £55.

So what is it?
It is a tool designed to revive and uplift both the face AND body.
It is a purple wand shaped device featuring a hexagonal barrel which has 24 tourmaline massaging stones - it requires no batteries. The tourmaline massaging stones help to "stimulate sluggish skin cells" and exercise the underlying muscles. The rhythmic rolling motion of the device helps to mimic the results of a facial massage done by hand. It comes with an instruction manual showing you exactly how to use it, and what direction you should roll in for the best results. You are suggested to do 30-45 seconds of rolling per section of the face. There are 5 sections of the face to cover so it roughly will take you 4 minutes everyday to massage your face. 

Does it work?
Yes - but for long term results you have to commit to it. This is not a one and done thing, you need to do it everyday if you want long term results. Short term results you will notice after each time you use it are reduced puffiness and circulation giving you a healthy glow, but of course this depends on the current condition of your skin, some people's skin will require a few goes of this to see results.
I like to use this in the morning when I wake up or else at night before bed. I have noticed a reduction in the marionette lines (smile lines) and my forehead is holding a lot less tension which is something that has been creating lines over time. I have also noticed an increase in circulation and my skin has a healthier look to it. I have no redness to my skin, even when I'm embarrassed I don't go red so this has helped to give me that healthy flush of pink in my cheeks. Last thing I have noticed is that the puffiness of my under eyes has reduced and I know longer have that problem.
Both my mother and myself are fans of this now and she has actually has had people comment on how good her skin is looking recently and all she has added to her routine is this so I am attributing it to this.

In short, I definitely recommend you guys to incorporate facial massage into your skin care routine - the results are proven time and time again. I like the Uplift because it reminds me to do it everyday and it extremely easy to use and get a full and correct massage each time once you follow the instructions. But that said you can also go the route of massaging your face with your own hands too if your don't want to fork out the cash.

I hope you guys found this helpful and picked up some tips - I am a skincare junkie and I want to keep my skin looking as good and as young as I can for as long as possible.

With Love from,


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