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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Get the Bronze Goddess look | feat. MUA Make up Academy

Hi my Loves,

Recently I picked up some bits from the brand MUA (it is available from Superdrug) that I thought would be PERFECT for summer - like, legit products that would give you that coveted summer babe, bronze goddess look. These products I picked up would be amazing for every day wear and would be STUNNING for holidays as they are very quick, easy, natural but still so effective.

I don't know about you guys but when it comes to summer time  makeup I am ALLLLL about the glowy, bronzed skin look - it's my go to. I really focus on my skin and base and I like my looks to still be glamorous but slightly lighter on the skin especially in the heat.

So, the products that I picked up that will really help you to achieve everything I'm describing above are:
(P.S. all swatches of each product are at the end of the post)

Price - £5

The minute I saw this, I knew it had to be mine. I am a huge cushion product lover - I adore the natural but effective effect that cushion products give.
And this highlight is just STUNNING. The colour is a beautiful champagne gold that will suit light - medium skin-tones perfectly. It applies creamy and you would think sheer, but that is not the case -this packs a punch. It gives you that coveted glow-from-within rather than a straight up glittery highlight so although it is 'natural' in the sense it isn't glitter, it is extremely build-able and you can get a blinding but natural highlight with this. An absolute summer essential.

Price - £5

This was another I knew I simply HAD to have it type products. Personally I am in love with a gold-y highlight on bronzed skin, I think it is ridiculously flattering and that is exactly what this highlighting powder is. It is a loose powder and it is like gold dust. Loose highlights have had a revival the past few months thanks to Kylie Cosmetics bringing out her loose highlighters - although MUA got there before her.
The product has a multitude of ways to use it and I'm going to tell you how I use it. Firstly, you can wear it on the cheekbones on its own for the most beautiful blinding highlight - this one is more glittery but it is stunning for those summer nights and a must have for those holiday nights out.
Secondly, if you want to glow from the heavens above, layer this over the highlight cushion - I promise you it will change your life and give you a glow like none other.
Thirdly, I like to pop this baby on my body for that JLo glow. I'm actually not a huge fan of oil highlighters for the body unless my tan is a real tan (which it never is in my case) as oil actually strips fake tan - I take my fake off as easy as pie with baby oil and a scrubby glove. So I find when I use body oil my fake tan always either lifts or if it doesn't is goes hella grubby and I'm not into that.
Hence why I adore this powder - I apply it to my collarbones, tops of the shoulder, on my boob area that is visible (trust me it looks amazing) and down the centre of my legs and I get that beautiful glow without ruining my fake tan - when the light hits you, you will look like a bronze goddess I promise you! It is also less transferable so an absolute win-win.

Price - £3

I am sucker for cream bronzers, I prefer them far more than powder bronzers - in my opinion they are easier to get right and you are far less inclined to make a mess you can't fix. In this sense I think they are also perfect for people who aren't super confident in terms of bronzing.
This whipped bronzer has a gorgeous texture and it applies and blends out beautifully. It helps to bring just the right amount of sheen and shimmer to keep you looking healthy, glowy and natural. I apply this instead if contour for summer days. This another holiday essential especially as if you are going on a sun holiday and you catch a tan chances are you foundation might be too light for so this is a great trick to adjust the colour. It also works great if you aren't wearing makeup and you need to match your face to your body.

I have swatch each of the products for you all too - I swatched them together so you can see how well they all compliment each other:

(L-R without flash - Luxe Whipped Bronzer, Luxe Glow Beam Highlight cushion, Luxe Glow Beam Highlighting powder)

(L-R with flash - Luxe Whipped Bronzer, Luxe Glow Beam Highlight cushion, Luxe Glow Beam Highlighting powder)

There you have it guys, some of my favourite products I use to create that golden goddess summer look! Can you BELIEVE the price of these products?! I swear in general, MUA products in general are fantastic prices for very good products - definitely check out their concession next time you are in Superdrug (the new Liffey Valley one is amazing!)

With Love from,


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