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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Kylie Jenner Inspired makeup look ♡

Hello my loves,

Today's post is going to be a quick tutorial on a look that I posted to my Instagram & Facebook page yesterday. I saw this picture of Kylie Jenner on both her Instagram page and her makeup artist who created this look 'Styled by Hrush' Instagram page (Check her out she's amazing!!!), 

( Credit +StyledbyHrush )

In this look, the brown colour she was wearing on her lips was a shade from her yet-to-be-released lip collection called 'Kylie Lip-kit' that I'm obviously DYING to get my hands on. This look is another perfect autumn look. The dark lips, shimmery eyes and contoured cheeks are to die for.

 *I'd love to know if you guys like these kind of posts also? Do you like celebrity inspired makeup looks? I'm contemplating maybe doing video tutorials to accompany some posts, let me know if this is something you'd like to see <3

So, for my interpretation of her look I used items similar to ones she would of used and by brands I know that she loves, so you can substitute anything I use for a cheaper alternative of course:

 So let's get right into it.
 For this look you will neeeeeed:


-Barry M flawless brightening primer (Best drugstore primer!)
- Nars All day luminous weightless foundation (basically a good coverage foundation that is not too thick and drying)
- Nars Radiant Creamy concealer (A Kylie fave. Actually a lot of celebrities swear by this)
- Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream contour kit (I use the fair kit - you can use whatever you like for cream contour, I personally do recommend investing it this though, it's the b.o.m.b)
-  Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour kit (I use light-medium)
- Rimmel Sun Shimmer bronzer


- A credit card or something with a straight edge (bare with me here!)
- Too Faced chocolate bar palette
- L'Oreal superstar liquid eyeliner
- Barry M gold pencil liner
- Too faced better than Sex mascara
- Lilly Lashes in 'Miami' (These are Kylie's faves)


- Mac 'Spice' lip liner (This is one of her said go-to lip liners)
- Jeffree Star cosmetics liquid lipstick in 'Dominatrix'

1. Apply your primer all over your face, buff the foundation of your choice into your skin and using the concealer, conceal any dark circles you have under your eyes.
2. Contour & highlight your face. I have an entire post on tips of how to highlight & contour so you can check that out here. Basically, I will take a yellow shade of cream contour and highlight the places of my face where the light naturally hits & places that I want to draw attention to. (underneath my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, to the centre of my forehead and under where I will contour under my cheekbones). Then I will take a medium brown contour cream and 'contour' all the contours of my face.(Under my cheekbones, around my hairline, down the sides of my nose, around my jawline) Blend all this product in with a beauty blender for the best result.
3. To set your creams in place you need to use a corresponding powder shade over where you have both highlighted and contoured. This is why I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour powders because it has all the shades I will need, but you can use your own light powder and contour powder/bronzer to dust over your creams and you will get the exact same effect.
4. To get the super bronzed cheeks that Kylie has in her look, I just took my big Sun shimmer bronzer and added some extra bronze to the apples of my cheeks as a blush.
5. Fill in your brows as you like.
6. For the eyes I stuck to using colours out of one palette which was my 'Chocolate Bar Palette' by Too Faced. 

* The colours I used were: Salted caramel, Semi sweet, White chocolate & Creme Brulee*

6. This is where your credit card comes in to play. Line up the card on the outer corner of your eyes going diagonally towards your brow, this will help you to create that cat-eyed, almond shape eye look. Hold this card in place while you apply your eyeshadows. White chocolate is placed under your eyebrows on the brow bone, Salted caramel goes in the crease/ socket of your eye, creme brulee goes all over the lid of your eye and semi sweet goes on the outer v/outer third of your socket to add depth.
Semi sweet and Salted caramel are also used on your lower lash line.
7. Apply liquid liner to your upper lash & apply your gold pencil to your waterline.
8. Apply your false lashes and then apply a little of your favourite mascara to bind the lashes to your false ones.
9. For your lips, line them first and then slowly apply your liquid lipstick. If you don't have a lipstick this shade, pick up a creamy brown kohl eye pencil and this will work a treat too!

So there you have it my loves, that's it, how to do your own Kylie Jenner inspired makeup.
 I know that I used a lot of expensive items, so if you want to know a cheaper alternative of something I used, don't be afraid to ask!

I hope you all have a lovely week & enjoyed this post!

With Love From,

Rebekah x ♡



  1. You look beautiful Rebekah - you did a great job on the makeup look!

    Emma |


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