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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Kim Kardashian Inspired makeup (Blue smokey eye) ♡

Hello my loves,

I'm back this week with another celebrity inspired look. I decided to do another one this week because my last Kylie Jenner inspired look went down so well with you all!
Anyone who knows me, knows that I am literally 'Kardashian' obsessed & I'm not even sorry! I think that each girl is just beautiful and I adore all of their individual styles - but Kylie and Kim usually wear my favorite makeup looks. The man behind the majority of Kim's looks is 'Mario Dedivanovic' (check out his instagram @makeupbymario) and he is the one who created the look that I was inspired by on Kim in the first place!

So this is Kim's look:

It is a blue smokey eye with a deep dark red lip.
I know what you are thinking;
 Can I do bold lips AND a bold eye?
The answer to this is, yes of course you can.
 It's just all about how you do it and that's what I am here to show you.
 I'm not a big colour on my eyes kinda gal to be honest but I really wanted to recreate this look and I'm really happy that I did because I think I've converted myself to using colour a bit more often! When you're using actual colours the trick REALLY is all in the blending and tones - this is how you will avoid that dreaded clown makeup/throwback-to-5-year-old-self-with-your-toy-store-makeup-kit type of look. You want to create depth and that's what will give colour a grown up touch!
So this is my interpretation of Kim's look:

This is an inspired look and it's not going to look identical on me, because unfortunately I'm not Kim Kardashian! But this is my take on it and I really hope that you enjoy  - so let's get going!


(For this look I basically went ahead and did my face very similar to how I did for my Kylie Jenner inspired look so you can check that out HERE)

- Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation
- Barry M Flawless concealer
- Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit (light)
- Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour kit (light-medium)


- Your cream contour shade (mine was my Anastasia shade in 'light sculpt')
- Rimmel London 'Kate' eyeshadow stick (electric sapphire)
- A true dark navy blue eyeshadow (the one I used is some very random No7 shadow but a perfect dupe would be 'Deep truth' by MAC, 'Evidence' by Urban Decay or 'Star Cobalt' by Anastasia Beverly Hills.
- A matte black eyeshadow (I used 'Blackout' by Urban Decay, but ANY matte black will do.)
- Black Kohl pencil
- Beige eyeshadow (I used Vanilla from MAC)
- Too faced Better than Sex mascara
- Lilly Lashes (3D mink in 'Miami')

1. Apply your cream contour shade to the crease of your eye, this gives us something to blend with.
2. Apply your 'electric sapphire' eyeshadow stick to your eyelid and stop at your crease.
3. Take a clean blending eyeshadow brush and using windscreen whipper motions blend the blue shadow stick with your cream crease shade. This insures there are no harsh lines and that your blend is seamless. If you feel you've lost colour intensity with the blue on your lid you can always add more. Blend the Electric Sapphire out slightly towards your brow exactly like I have done in the picture above
4. Next take your true navy blue shadow and very softly add this to your crease and pull it out towards your brow exactly like we did with the electric sapphire. This helps to add your depth to your eye look because you have used 2 different shades of navy and 2 different textures.
5. Line your lower lash line with the Electric Sapphire pencil and also line your waterline.
6. To blend and set the lower lash, run your navy blue shadow over the top of it.
7. Add some of the black kohl to your waterline to deepen up the blue you already placed there.
8. Because we aren't using liner for our upper lash line, I used my matte black eyeshadow and pressed this against my upper lash line to define my lashes. I also added a small amount of the black to my 'outer v' and blended this towards the end of my brows too.
9. Use your beige eyeshadow to highlight under your brows.
10. Apply your favourite lashes. I used 'Miami' again because they are so similar to the ones Kim has on. I then just lightly coated my top lashes and bottom lashes.


- Barry M lip liner (Red)
- Jeffree Star cosmetics liquid lipstick (Unicorn blood)
11. Line your lips with a red liner to enhance that 'red' and fill in your lips with a very deep burgundy red lipstick of your choice. If your feel your lips aren't red enough, simply add some lip liner to the lipstick on your lips.

And by this point you should all be rocking a Kimmy K-esque look! :)
I find the best way to copy makeup from breakdowns like what I've done is to look at the look you're copying while you follow the steps - that way it will become real for you!

I hope you all really enjoyed this!
If you have an blog requests or even if you have any celebrity inspired looks you'd like to see , let me know and I'd be only happy to try them out!

P.S. My top is a Deep V blouse from Nine Crows!

With Love from,

Rebekah x♡


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