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Friday, 2 June 2017

My favourite Cosmetic Glitters

Hi my loves,

I wanted to get this post done up for you all because I am constantly asked where I get the glitters that I use in all my looks from.
 I am a glitter addict - a glitter girl - I leave glitter wherever I go... LITERALLY. My mam constantly finds it on the couch and we even found some on the steering wheel in my boyfriend's car!
I'm a glitter bomb.

Anyway, I have tried so many different glitters in my life, some I've adored and others are meh - so I want to show you guys my favourites.
Quick little disclaimer about glitters, most are not technically 100% eye safe - cosmetic grade glitter however is significantly better than craft shop glitter but just be careful to avoid getting it in your eyes as you could end up scratching your cornea and nobody wants that. NEVER use craft glitters near your eyes, I'm not even joking.

These are the most beautiful mixes of glitter ever - There are 3 different types and this specific glitter is designed for hair and body use. My favourite is Royal rose but honestly I adore them all!
I also have a 10% off code for the whole TRND Beauty site for you guys (non affiliate) and it is 'GlittaGal'.

These were the first glitters I ever purchased and I still use them to this day.
These are finer glitters and they have so many different colours - you can also get mini sized ones to trial or if you know you won't ever use up a full sized one. They also do multi packs if you want to get loads too!

I LOVE Karizma glitters - worn by Little Mix you know these glitters are going to be fab.
Their glitters are chunky and they also have a pure star glitter mix which is stunning. Each of their glitters is a mix of stars, moons, hexagons, dust and finer glitter so they look magic on the eyes and face. (they also do bindis and face jewels if you are on the hunt for them) 

 They do everything in Dust and Dance from Chunky glitter to fine glitter to UV glitter (I know!!) - and the different mixes are just beautiful. They also do face gems too and if you were looking for gold flakes they have them!

Jazzy Glitter wins at having the most colours and selection - literally every colour you could ever imagine, Jazzy Glitter has them all! There are the different texture mixes, some totally clean chunky glitter solids like hearts and stars and then some chunky - fine mixes.  They are an Etsy shop and are a glitter lovers dream come true.

When it comes to sticking down glitter I use a few different methods.
Hair - I'll use gel or hairspray
Body - I'll use vaseline or duraline by ingot as it is over a big space
Eyes - I'll use Inglot's Duraline, a small bit of lash glue or if I had it I would use proper cosmetic glitter glue (Dust and Dance stock this)

I hope this answered your glittery questions my loves!

With Love from,


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