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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Rimmel Foundation Face off! | Which one is right for you?

Hi my Loves,

One of my most favourite things to buy when it comes to makeup is foundation. I love to create a perfect base because to me, that is your canvas for everything else.
Usually, I am a higher end foundation gal - it's the one makeup product that I do like to invest money in but I am always on the hunt for drugstore or chemist makeup that matches up to my higher price range foundation.
Rimmel has a very good offering when it comes to foundations - probably one of the best selections when it comes to drugstore brands. It can be a little overwhelming picking a foundation in Boots or Superdrug mainly because you can't pick up a sample 9/10 times so you have to go on guessing in store how it feels on the back of your hand or wrist and lets face it, that can often be very inaccurate.
Today I'm going to talk to you all about Rimmel foundations; let you know which ones I love, what skin type they are best suited to and what the finish is like so hopefully you can use this as a reference to make your foundation shopping that bit easier.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
Price - €10.49
Finish - Satin (Slightly Luminous)
Coverage - Medium
Skin Type - Normal to moderately dry

This is not my favourite or least favourite Foundation offering from Rimmel - it is somewhere in the middle for me. I find that it can be quite heavy on my face which I'm not a huge fan of. I also find that if I have any very dry areas it can tend to cling to them hence why I would reccommend this more to normal and slightly dry skin. It does however have a very nice skin like appearance due to the stain finish as it is neither overly matte or dewy. The hydrating properties of this foundation make it less suitable for oily skin types and would make oily skin look even more oily - it also tends to break up on very oily parts i.e. around the nose area. When it comes to covering spots and redness it does an okay job, but it wouldn't cover seriously red angry spots so you will most definitely need a concealer.
This foundation also needs to be set with a powder in order for it to last and not transfer as it remains quite tacky to touch.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hour Foundation with comfort serum
Price - €10.49
Finish - Satin to matte
Coverage - Medium
Skin Type - Normal to moderately oily (slightly dry skin can get away with this too)

This is quite a thick formula, medium coverage, long lasting foundation that works best on normal to moderately oily skin (on dry skin it can look quite cakey as it is a thicker formula.) I have dry skin on my nose and it made it look very obvious but it glides on the rest of my normal skin perfectly and gives a very smooth appearance, albeit it does look like I have foundation on my skin
This foundation provides better coverage than the Perfect Match foundation and is better for disguising redness or angry spots - but you will still need a concealer. Even though this does have a satin matte finish, once dried down it does have a slighly tacky finish (probably the serum in it) and  I find I do need to set it or else it transfers. In terms of the 25hr wear, I'm proud to say I have never slept in my foundation so I can't say if it lasts THAT long - but it is very long-wearing and you should get 8-ish hours of good wear out of it before it starts to show its wear.
I like to apply this with a dampened beauty sponge for the most seamless application

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Price - €10.49
Finish - Satin to Dewy
Coverage - Medium
Skin Type - Normal to dry skin

This is my favourite Rimmel Foundation and I have been using and repurchasing this specific foundation for years. It honestly does give you a gorgeous healthy and youthful appearance to your skin and makes your skin look more alive. The consistency and formula of this foundation makes it perfect for drier skin types. There is a slight shimmer in the formula though (radiance pearls) so If you have skin that tends to be oily and show the oily - I wouldn't recommend this one to you as it will enhance any oily areas.
It feels very light on your skin and not cakey at all however in order to stop transfer it does need to be set with a powder. Coverage wise this can be applied lightly for a natural finish but can absolute be built up to a medium coverage. You will need a concealer to cover big spots however as the formula tends to break up on oily spots.

Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation
Price - €9.99
Finish - Matte
Coverage - Light to Medium
Skin Type - Normal to oily skin

I used to wear this foundation RELIGIOUSLY back in the day (and about 5 shades too dark for my skin shade might I add) but it was discontinued a few years back. Rimmel have however re-released this foundation again much to the joy of many people.
Here is the thing about this foundation - it is so lightweight, you will feel like you have relatively nothing on your skin BUT it dries down very quickly and that makes it harder to blend if you have drier skin types so I suggest dry skinned gals avoid this. On oily skin this foundation is perfect as it really does lock down on the skin. The formula is almost gel/watery which is why I feel it works so well on oilier skin types.
If your skin is only moderately oily you will get away with a very thin layer of powder only where you really need as there is very little transfer with this particular foundation.
Coverage wise, although this foundation is light it still has some coverage - you will need to use a concealer however if you have some skin complaints but if your skin is relatively okay you could skip concealer.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation
Price - €10.99
Finish - Natural
Coverage - Light to Moderately Medium 
Skin Type - Normal to moderately oily - moderately dry skin

The applicator is my favourite part of this foundation - it is like a giant doe foot applicator and it makes applying the foundation to your face a dream.
It is a very light and breathable feeling foundation (definitely a water based formula) and looks very natural on the skin (almost undetectable if you use one layer) - my only gripe is that when you build it up it can separate at times and build up in facial lines and cling to old, dry spots you might have.
On my normal - dry skin I didn't have to set the foundation with powder as does dry down (not heavy or cakey mind you, it just doesn't have a sticky feel) - however I did need to conceal spots etc. as the watery formula isn't great for hiding spots.
This is a lovely natural every day foundation if you want to look like you are wearing little to no foundation - it is the lightest coverage out of all the foundations

I have one issue I want to point out in relation to all Rimmel foundations - their colour range doesn't really work for my olive skin tone. I find that Rimmel foundations lean heavily towards the pinker undertone scale - which is perfect if you have those undertones. It can make it very hard for people with my skin tone to get a perfect match though which is unfortunate as they do have some lovely foundation offerings so I am hoping that they expand their colour selection in the future!

(L-R) Match Perfection foundation, Wake me up foundation, Lasting finish 25hr foundation, Fresher skin foundation,  Lasting finish breathable foundation.

I hope you all found this helpful!
If you would like me to review any other brands like this let me know.

With Love from,


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