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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

*Q&A* Image 4-layer Face Lift peel with Therapie Clinic | Level 2 Peel details

Hi my Loves,

I have been so unwell the past few weeks hence my absence over here, I swear I feel I have had a very unfortunate 2016/17 - here's hoping to a healthier 2018.
 I am back today to give you all an update after my my latest face peel from Therapie Clinic - because if you thought my skin was good after my first peel - WAIT till you see what my skin is like now! My skin has never looked so good and has not been this consistently good for years.

I am going to link my previous post on my first Image 4 Layer Face-Lift peel here so you can get all the in-depth details of the whole process.
The amazing thing about face peels is that each time you get them you see improved results - your skin just gets better and better.

(2 days after my second peel with no makeup - I look tired because I was so sick :( )

When I chatted about my visit and having my second peel over on my snapchat I got quite a few of the same questions so I'm going to do this post as a Q&A style of the most popular questions I received!

Q1. What is the difference between your first and second peel?

The first peel - while still very effective - is not as strong as the second peel you will have.
This is because you need to build up to the higher strength peels - you can't just dive into the deep end! Your skin is precious so you need to start mild and gradually increase the strength.
At the moment I am at Level 2 with the Layer Face-lift peel (also called the Signature Face Lift btw) and this peel uses Vitamin C, Glycolic acid and gentle yet extremely active enzymes speed up your skins cellular turnover. For my second peel we upped the anti and added a Kojic Acid enhancer which would help to brighten my skin even more and control pigmentation. 

Q2. What changes have I noticed in my skin?

After the first peel I noticed a dramatic reduction of the texture of my skin and my skin looked so healthy and glowy - my skin basically had a complete new lease of life, no products I had ever bought and used had ever given me the effect the peel had.
My skin remained perfect between peel 1 & 2, I had only the odd spot or two (mainly around the time of month) and every week the texture in my skin decreased till it was gone. The only thing I was struggling with still was the damaged moisture barrier on my nose, the first peel cleared up a lot of it but it still wasn't 100% better.
Fast forward to the second peel - if it was even possible the texture of my skin has gotten even better and is now absolutely perfect - no texture, no under the skin spots or blocked pores and for someone who struggled so badly with these problems that fact I don't have these problems is a god send!
The best part of all is that the dryness and damaged moisture barrier on my nose is completely healed and I have struggled with that for 10 months now. On top of all that my skin looks so healthy, glowy and fresh - my nose is also dramatically less red and I am more than happy to be seen without makeup - in fact my skin is so good I would actually rather go without makeup!

Q3. How often should you get face peels?

Personally, I left roughly a month between my peels - this gives your skin a chance to reap the benefits of the peel because as I've said before - while your skin looks amazing straight after, in the coming weeks you will see even more improvements and you will see you skin get even better before your eyes.

Q4 Did I get any skin irritation or peeling afterwards?

I did not at all and I would consider myself to have quite sensitive and reactive skin.
When the different acids and enzymes are applied to your skin during the facial (especially as the strength increases when you go up levels) - you might noticed an increased tingling sensation at the time but it is nothing painful - for me it didn't register as any pain for the first peel and for the second I had slight tingling which would of been not even 0.5/10.
After the peel I had no peeling of my own skin and no irritation - I have heard that you can however get some peeling but I combated any of that by using my favourite 'Image Ormedic Balancing Anti-Oxidant serum' &  the 'Image Vital C Hydrating Enzyme mask' (you can pick up both in Therapie and they are amazing additions to your skincare regime).

Q5. Will you need to add any extra things to your skincare regime after your peel?

If you don't use sunscreen (which you absolutely should be using every single day) you will need to add this step to your routine. Peels can make your skin more vulnerable as you are essentially removing old skin so you need to protect the new, fresh layer of skin ESPECIALLY from sun exposure. It is so important you wear sunscreen afterwards, I cannot stress this enough.

Q6. Is there any down-time with this peel?

There is little to no down-time especially with peel number 1.
I wouldn't necessarily call it down-time but you should avoid if possible putting makeup on the skin after the peel and for at least 24 hours (if you can go longer and let your skin breathe etc. then that is amazing). You should also avoid anything that would cause the skin to sweat (intense exercise, saunas, sunbeds) and in turn block the pores or irritate the sensitive new skin for 48 hours after the peel.

Q7. How much does each peel cost?

Each peel costs €100 (worth every single cent) and you can get a course of  peels for €480.

I hope you all found this helpful and I answered your questions - if you have anymore please let me know and I will do my best to answer them! I cannot recommend the 4 Layer Face Lift peel from Therpaie Clinic enough - I am completely converted and I know these are something I will be up-keeping in my skincare routine throughout the year!

With Love from,



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