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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Iconic Bronze tanning Lotion | Review

Hi my Loves,

I wanted to chat with you today and give you my thoughts about a tan I have been loving and using over the past few months. If you follow me on snapchat this won't be a surprise to you as I have mentioned it a few times there.
The tan I am talking about is Iconic Bronze and it has quickly made itself into my top 5 favourite tans so it definitely deserves a review.

So lets start with the facts first:
Price: €12 (or €10 in Penneys)
Colour scale: Medium or dark (olive-golden undertone)
Foam/liquid: Tinted Lotion
Developing time: 2-6 hours
Lasting time claims: up to 7 days
Where to buy: Iconic Bronze or Primark

This tan contains no Parabens, 'Nasties' or Harsh chemicals. It is also vegan friendly.

Ingredients wise in this tan you will find:
- Sunflower Oil
- Omega 6 & 9
(Both of these ingredients will leave your skin 'soft, smooth and deeply nourished')

I want to start of this review saying that I have never smelt a tan that smells so amazing & luxiourous in my entire life. In fact, I think Iconic Bronze should bottle that scent and sell it as a perfume it is that gorgeous!
There are Base notes of Amber, Cedar and Musk, Heart notes of Fig leaf, Jasmine and Frangipani and Top notes of Fig, Mandarin and orange blossom.- an absolutely gorgeous scent cocktail!
The Iconic Bronze lotion comes in two shades, medium and dark (they are also releasing a mousse soon which I will definitely be trying out!)
The tan itself upon application has a very moisturising, balmy feeling to it - which is perfect for those of us with dry skin. This tan actually hydrates the skin and hydrated skin is essential for a lasting and even tan. I would still recommend making sure you moisture your hands, elbows, heels etc. as you would with all fake tan; If you have very dry areas this tan can tend to cling - probably because it is trying to hydrate those areas.
Out of a bottle of Iconic Bronze I get 5 "full bodies" (neck to feet) of tan-age and I usually can get the week out an application so long as I moisturise; which I need to do with every tan as I have very dry skin that flakes very easily. As you all know when I'm reviewing a tan I always take into account how it wears and how it removes when I need to - those two things are so important to me and this tan although durable and holds up the week, if I need it gone by day 3 or 4, I can remove it with baby oil which I LOVE.

Both the medium and dark lotion have a beautiful olive toned tan (i.e. not a hint of orange in sight) - which suits my skin perfectly. I have very Olive skin and if a tan has even a hint of orange it will be very obvious on my skin so I love that Iconic Bronze gives a really true Olive, bronzed tan that you could absolutely get away with saying is your natural tan.
In terms of how dark is the dark shade and how medium is the medium shade - the medium for me is perfect if I want an everyday glow, and it looks extremely believable. I wear the dark shade if I am going on a night out or I want to be especially bronzed - again it is dark but still very believable.

The Iconic Bronze lotion comes in at 12 (€10 in penenys) which is an amazing price ESPECIALLY considering if you compare it to other tans in the same price bracket - this one buys and sells it's competition. I will be honest, when it comes to tans I have struggled with some cheaper priced ones available from Penneys in the past  - but Iconic Bronze have proven that even if you charge a competitive low price you can still create & offer an absolutely fantastic tan!

Would I recommend this tan to you guys?
This is a gorgeous tan which has earned a very well deserved place in my favourite tan collection.

If you have dry skin especially I think that you will love this tan as it is so hydrating and moisturizing.

The smell is just such a winner for me too as so many tans have the most awful smell - but not this one, I'm a huge fan.


Iconic Bronze Tanning Mitt

This is a stand alone product on it's own and helps you to get the most amazingly even application when applying tan. It is a double sided mitt and it feels SO SOFT and so luxurious. It helps the tan to just glide on and apply streak-free which is essential. I have had no streaking issues or blotching issues since using this mitt and these are issues I have had in the past with other mitts. A good mitt is essential to a good tan so I highly recommend picking one of these up!

Have you guys tried out Iconic Bronze?
Let me know what you think!

With Love from,



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