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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Bargain Buy of the Week ♡

Hello my loves,

So each week I'm going to do a specific blog post where I'll pick a beauty product/item of clothing etc. that I feel is a bargain worth knowing about that I want to share with you guys  

Nothing makes me happier than picking up an item that is not only cheap, but you are pleasantly surprised when the quality out shines the price by a mile. I LOVE getting value for my money & cheap hidden gems are everything to me.
So without further a due, here is my bargain buy of this week:

Product: Deep conditioning hair mask
Price: €2.50

Let me explain something about this product: IT OUTSHINES ALLLLL EXPENSIVE HAIR MASKS I HAVE TRIED!!! and it's from Penneys, yes that's right PENNEYS. (*Primark to those in the UK)
Honestly, this product costs €2.50 & it works better on my hair than masks I've had applied by hairdressers. 
There are a few different types that you can get by this brand/collection. The brand is HASK. I choose the Argan oil one because I personally find that Argan oil is life savior for hair in general.
This mask claims that it 'strengthens, restores & smooths dry damaged hair'. 
Let me tell you, It ticks all the boxes that it claims to. 
I find that my hair because it is fine hair, splits easy. This leaves me with white tips on my hair even if I've had a trim a week or two prior. I've tried all the 'miracle products' available and while I have found some that soften the cuticle and flatten the shaft to make the splits disappear temporarily, once I wash my hair again they pop back up. I like to have the option that good forbid I had a weekend away and forgot these miracle products my hair would still look good. This mask helps me to have this option. This mask is the only mask I've ever used that actually repaired my split ends and made them virtually disappear. 

I like to apply this creamy texture mask once every week and half to my hair from the ear down. Avoid the root as this is an oil based product, you will end up with a greasy scalp. The instructions read to apply to clean, wet hair, leave for 10 minutes and wash out and I've done this and achieved great results. But the best result that I receive is when I put this in my dry hair before I go to bed, pop my hair in a little bun, wrap it in cling-film and go to sleep. I'll wash it out then in the morning. The cling-film provides heat which open up the hair cuticles so the product can penetrate deeply.
Once I wash it out and rough dry off my hair, my hair is literally like silk. I can only compare it to the feeling of your hair when you get a €20 salon blow dry where they apply all the smoothing products and then blow dry it within an inch of its life. Except this is one little cheap €2.50 product that does it.
I highly recommend this product for anyone who has dry/damaged hair and anyone who basically wants their hair to feel like healthy, well maintained hair. For a price like that, I feel it's definitely worth a shot!

(above is my hair after using the mask, rough drying it & running a hair curler through it)

*Retails at Penneys & Primark stores in the UK & Ireland. Doing some research I've also found it retails at ULTA stores in the US too :)

With love from,

Rebekah  x

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